CARE School of Safety Sustainability & Research

CaRE School of Safety Sustainability and Research (CSSR) is a young but vibrant not-for-profit research and education organisation in the field of Health Safety Environment and Sustainability started in year 2013.

Project Title: Integrated sustainable approach for poverty alleviation – a family package program.

Description: An integrated system for biogas production from rabbit droppings and utilization of the biogas to household cooking and its effluent for production of fodder for rabbit rearing for income generation.

Beneficiary: People below poverty line

Health and Safety Training Currently, CSSR offers following courses
HSE-301: Construction Safety Training Course –25 Hrs OSHA Syllabus with Practical

HSE-302: Construction Safety Training Course –10 Hrs OSHA Syllabus with Practical

HSE-102: Fire Safety Training Course –1 day (Hands-on use of a fire extinguisher)

CSSR developed these comprehensive course on construction and fire safety which is designed for employees, those in supervisory positions, or anyone with some safety responsibility. The curriculum includes both required and elective topics, so that your course can be tailored to your needs. The purpose of the course is to explain safety regulations as they relate to the construction industry. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion from CARE School of Safety and Sustainability Research (CSSR). This will enhance job opportunity in safety career.

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